Twitter Lead Generation Cards Cut Clutter

Today Twitter launched a new feature, Lead Generation Cards. Twitter Cards allow users to express interest in a company’s promotional offer. Twitter developers have listened to marketers and realized the importance of eliminating link clutter and increasing leads.

How it Works

By expanding a tweet users will see additional information about the promotion. The user simply has to click on a button and personal details (@username and email) will be sent automatically to the business.

The One Screen Rule

In a recent article at the Harvard Business Review, Mitch Joel predicted that the future is all about one screen. “The future is not about three screens or four screens or fourteen screens. It’s about one screen: whichever screen is in front of me,” said Mitch Joel, president of Twist Image. We juggle a number of different screens, laptop or desktop for work, a tablet for media consumption, a smartphone for calls, and the television for entertainment. Users want simplicity and convenience.

It’s all about convergence and the ability to access all of your information on one screen. Twitter appears to be thinking about convergence with the launch of  Lead Generation Cards. This move is a step in the right direction.


Lead Generation Cards offer a wide range of possibilities for public relations professionals. Pre-product orders, interest measurement, and the identification of early adopters, are just a few applications of this new feature.

Currently, Lead Generation Cards appear to be limited to a select number of Twitter accounts. “Today, the Lead Generation Card will only be available to our managed clients; we have plans to launch this Card globally and to small- and medium-sized businesses soon.” said Mitali Pattnick, Product Manager at Twitter.

It’s just a matter of time before Twitter makes this feature available to a wider range of clients.

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