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5 Great Apps for PR Pros

Smartphones are now an ever-present part of our daily lives. They serve as a virtual extension of our abilities and within the field of public relations they are important tools to stay connected. If you’re not sure about what apps to download, start with these five.

Media Scanning

Media consumption is a daily part of public relations. Keeping track of news, business trends, pop culture, technology and other information is essential because of its potential impact on our clients. The amount of information can be overwhelming.

Luckily one app, Pulse, (Free – iPhone, Android) can help you manage your information intake. Pulse is a RSS reader app that lets you subscribe to relevant information feeds (blogs, magazines, news outlets). It has a very pleasing visual layout, allows you to sync feeds across devices and offers intuitive social media integration.


Most PR professionals travel, whether it’s the morning commute or a trans-contentinal flight we need accurate up-to-date information to keep us going. FlightTrack Pro  ($9.99 – iPhone, Android) is a great app for finding flights and will alert you about any flight changes. Although the basic FlightTrack app is free the pro version offers a number of additional features (weather updates, baggage claim information, seating info and calendar syncing) that are very useful and worth the added cost.


Sometimes it is critical to have a last minute meeting before you send out a news release or hold a press conference. GoToMeeting (Free – iPhone, Android) is a great app that allows you to quickly conduct an on-the-fly meeting with your team. The app allows you to show slide presentations, spreadsheets or reports on-screen.

Social Media

Odds are you have multiple social media accounts. Because its hard to just choose one, here are two apps to simplify your social media world. Tweetbot ($2.99 – iPhone) is a great alternative to the native Twitter app found on the iPhone and offers a number of features (muting by keyword and client, unified searching multiple accounts) that every power user needs. In terms of Facebook, one app still provides great support for updating fans on the go, Pages Manager (Free – iPhone, Android)  Pages allows users to post new updates, add photos and receive basic measurement stats.

Design Applications

Imagine this scenario. You’re at a press party and have just captured a great photo with your smartphone. You are live tweeting the event and you want to post it quickly to your social media feed. The only problem is that the photo is a little fuzzy and needs to be cropped. Enter Adobe Photoshop Express (Free – iPhone, Android). Photoshop express will allow you to perform simple but powerful edits (cropping, rotating, color correction, and filters) quickly and easily.

What are your favorite apps for PR work? Let me know in the comments below.

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